Landini is a proud and historic Italian brand that designs and builds an extensive range of efficient, high-performance tractors, which are highly regarded by markets throughout the world.



Our advanced technology has brought optimal results in improving farming techniques through excellent operator results, economic machine utilization, reliability and durability.


Excellence and strategic vision

We Started in 2006 with Silverton radiators, Brake and Clutch, Truck and Trailer services, repairs and breakdowns as well as light motor vehicles services, repairs and breakdowns.
In 2015 by customer needs we had the opportunity to open a Landini division as we then became Landini agents.
Since 2015 the opportunity and need kept growing, which has allowed our business to grow by 60% thanks to the Landini Tractors and Parts.
We are proud to announce that since 2015 we have sold over 100 Landini Tractors to Pongola and surrounding areas and continue to provide the customers with the after sales.
We have also started keeping stock of more oils since we have started selling Landini tractors as per customer requests.